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Graphemics in the 21st Century
/gʁafematik/ Brest, June 13–15, 2018
Proceedings, 2019

Yannis Haralambous (Ed.)

Florian Coulmas
„Die Buchstabenschrift ist an und für sich die intelligentere.“ Überlegungen zur Bewertung von Schriftsystemen [“Alphabetic writing is in and for itself the more intelligent Form''. Reflections on the evaluation of writing systems]

Marc Wilhelm Küster
Open and Closed Writing Systems. Some Reflections

Martin Evertz
The History of the Graphematic Foot in English and German

Yannis Haralambous & Joseph Dichy
Graphemic Methods for Gender-Neutral Writing

Wang Yifan
What Are We Calling “Latin Script”? Name and Reality in the Grammatological Terminology

Sveva Elti di Rodeano
Digraphia: the Story of a Sociolinguistic Term

Yannis Haralambous & Martin Dürst
Unicode from a Linguistic Point of View

Christa Dürscheid & Dimitrios Meletis
Emojis: A Grapholinguistic Approach

Keisuke Honda
What Do Kanji Graphs Represent in the Current Japanese Writing system? Towards a Unified Model of Kanji as Written Signs

Tereza Slaměníková
On the Nature of Unmotivated Components in Modern Chinese Characters

Cornelia Schindelin
The Li-Variation (隶变/隸變) lìbiàn. When the Ancient Chinese Writing Changed to Modern Chinese Script

Kamal Mansour
On the Origin of Arabic Script

Joseph Dichy
On the Writing System of Arabic: The Semiographic Principle as Reflected in Nasḫī Letter Shapes

Ray Stegeman
Orthographies in Papua New Guinea through the Years

David Roberts, Dana Basnight-Brown & Valentin Vydrin
Marking Tone with Punctuation: Orthography Experimentation and Reform in Eastern Dan (Côte d'Ivoire)

Kavya Manohar & Santhosh Thottingal
Malayalam Orthographic Reforms. Impact on Language and Popular Culture

Nicolas Ballier, Erin Pacquetet & Taylor Arnold
Investigating Keylogs as Time-Stamped Graphemics

Patricia Thaine & Gerald Penn
Vocalic and Consonantal Grapheme Classification through Spectral Decomposition