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Grapholinguistics in the 21st Century
/gʁafematik/ June 17–19, 2020
Proceedings, 2020, Part II

Yannis Haralambous (Ed.)

Global index with hyperlinks to PDF files

Terry Joyce & Hisashi Masuda
Constructing Databases of Japanese Three- and Four-Kanji Compound Words. Some Observations Concerning Their Morphological Structures

Keisuke Honda
A Modular Theoretic Approach to the Japanese Writing System: Possibilities and Challenges

James Myers
Levels of Structure Within Chinese Character Constituents

Tomohiko Morioka
Viewpoints on the Structural Description of Chinese Characters

Tomislav Stojanov
The Development of the Description of Punctuation in Historical Grammar Books

Nataliia Drozhashchikh, Elena Efimova & Evgenia Meshcheryakova
Form-Meaning Regularities in Old English Lexicon

Stefano Presutti
Graphemic Complexity for the New Romance Pho\-nemes in Italian. Some Reflections

Victoria Fendel
A Small Step for a Man, a Giant Leap for a People—The Coptic Language

Helen Giunashvili
Old Aramaic Script in Georgia

Liudmila L. Fedorova
On the Typology of Writing Systems

Piers Kelly
The Naasioi Otomaung Alphabet of Bougainville. A Preliminary Sketch From Afar

Robert M. Schoch & Tomi S. Melka
A “Sacred Amulet from Easter Island—1885/6—”. Analyzing Enigmatic Glyphic Characters in the Context of the rongorongo Script

Hana Jee, Monica Tamariz & Richard Shillcock
Quantifying Sound-Graphic Systematicity. Application to Multiple Phonographic Orthographies

Loh Jia Sheng Colin & Francesco Perono Cacciafoco
A New Approach to the Decipherment of Linear A, Stage 2. Cryptanalysis and Language Deciphering: A “Brute Force Attack” on an Undeciphered Writing System

Ester Salgarella & Simon Castellan
SigLA: The Signs of Linear A. A Palæographical Database

Kevin Donnelly
Digitising Swahili in Arabic Script With Andika!

Duoduo Xu
A Semantic Index for a Dongba Script Database

Claire Danet, Dominique Boutet†, Patrick Doan, Claudia Savina Bianchini, Adrien Contesse, Léa Chèvrefils, Morgane Rébulard, Chloé Thomas & Jean-François Dauphin
Transcribing Sign Languages With TYPANNOT: The Typographic System That Retains and Displays Layers of Information

Claudia S. Bianchini
How to Improve Metalinguistic Awareness by Writing a Language Without Writing: Sign Languages and Signwriting

Christian Koch
Language Identity Through Cyrillic Script. From Romanian to Moldovan by Automatic Transliteration in the Wikimoldia Project

Dana Awad, Ghassan Mourad & Marie-Rose Elamil
The Role of Punctuation in Translation

Hany Rashwan
Comparing the Visual Untranslatability of Ancient Egyptian and Arabic Writing Systems

Marc Wilhelm Küster
Mystic Messages—The Magic of Writing